Can’t tell the difference?

She’s is a doll and she can be yours!

These dolls are high-tech state of the art dolls manufactured for realism. These high class realistic models are made in luxury silicone simulating the softness and texture of human skin. Quality love dolls are perfect girlfriends, perfect female models and perfect replicas of life size women. Sculpted by internationally renowned artists, these sexy life size dolls are the result of careful 3D modelling right down to the finest detail. Manufactured and made-up by hand, each love doll is close to perfection. The mobility of all the joints of the body, right down to the fingers, is made possible thanks to an exceptional skeleton. Here you will find the top level of our silicone love doll collection for a true to life experience.These ultra Realistic ultra-luxury Sex Dolls are made from food-grade platinum silicone, alloy plus engineered plastic bones. Full-body joint mobility with realistic full range movement, including fully articulating finger joints (no wires).These dolls are a combination of the traditional art of sculpting and 3D digital modelling and hand painting, taking care of each and every detail of our products.

Attention to detail and exceptional manufacturing processing mean that the end product is indeed exquisite. Hand finishing and painting, along with quality materials and never seen before production processes give these realistic sex dolls the higher level of quality than any doll on the market.The hand and foot skeleton is far superior to wires and give a very realistic movement range of the wrists, fingers and toes.Ultra-realism including finger-nail cuticles, blood veins, life-lines.

Ultra realistic soft skin. The skin is realistic to the touch and is an exceptional imitation of a real human body feels. Different materials and densities are used throughout the doll to make it the most realistic doll possible.

Ultra-realistic vagina with the most intricate details inside and out.  Feels real and looks real. Optional hand-implanted hair.

Factory VIDEOS

The following videos are videos of customer’s dolls taken during the quality assurance process.  Each doll only passes quality assurance if it is perfect in every way possible.  Hours and hours of intricate work goes into making every inch of her as real as possible. These videos represent the same quality and realism you can expect for your doll.

Annais - Perfection


Can you combine features with other doll types?

Features from other doll types eg. AI Sex Doll, Moving Sex Doll cannot be combined with the ultra-realistic sex doll.  eg. You cannot add an AI Head, or make her a moving sex robot.

Which orifices are available?

She has two orifices available – her vagina and her anus.  Due to the construction of the head, the mouth is not an available orifice.

However, you can add another head (with a special adapter) that does have an available mouth for oral sex. Please contact us for more information.

Are other faces and bodies available?

Initially there will be only one doll model available but other faces and bodies will be available in the future. In the meantime Annais is near perfection in every way and a body to make any guy drool.Height: 162 cm (5′ 4″)Weight: 32Kg (71 lbs)Measurements:  85/60/88 (34/24/35)

What are the specifications of the ultra-realistic doll shown?

Height: 162 cm (5′ 4″)Weight: 32Kg (71 lbs)Measurements:  85/60/88 (34/24/35)

How long is the order time?

Each doll is hand-crafted and made to order.  Production time is about 8 weeks plus 5 to 10 days for shipping for most countries.

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