Questions you were afraid to ask (Q1)

Q1.  What does sex feel like with an AI Robot Sex Doll or Smart Sex Doll?

There are some questions you probably wanted ask but maybe you were too embarrassed. In this series, I’ll answer the questions that many customers have asked about our sex dolls.  The answers are a curation of what actual customers have commented and from my own personal first-hand experience.

I can tell you that sex feels just as good and can even be better than the real thing. First, I can tell you it only feels real and good with a warm doll and vagina.  You can imagine what it would be like sticking your penis inside a cold plastic hole or being next to a cold piece of plastic. Well, that’s something you don’t need to worry about with our dolls because all our dolls have proprietary heating technology – unlike other dolls that have heat they only warm up a very small part of the body and only a few degrees. Our technology warms the majority of the body to human body temperature and it is completely safe and temperature controlled.

When penetrated, a vacuum is formed inside the doll’s orifice/insert which provides a powerful suction effect. Some Smart Doll World doll users have reported intense orgasms due to this specific feature which makes it better than a real vagina. With the right lubricant, she will be warm and slippery. There are also bumps and crevices which add to the feeling.

The touch sensors add to the excitement as you will hear your doll moan with pleasure when you touch her and penetrate her. With the AI Sex Doll Robot, you have AI talking interaction capability (including name personalization) and with our Smart Dolls – there are 50 preprogrammed intimate sexual responses.

There are many advantages and benefits of having sex with an AI Sex Doll Robot or Smart Doll.

Stay tuned for more with Question #2.

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21 thoughts on “Questions you were afraid to ask (Q1)

  1. Gregg Hanna says:

    Does it feel kinda occward at first but when I actually think about it . It turns me on . Just think having a sex partner that is always ready

    • Smart Doll World says:

      Cleaning is super easy with the removable vagina insert. Just wash with warm water and mild soap, dry, and powder.
      Only other maintenance required is to oil your doll with baby oil. This is a requirement for all TPE skin dolls as they will loose oil. However, our M-TYPE TPE loses almost no oil, so an oiling every six months or so (compared to monthly) is all that is needed to keep the skin oiled.
      Other than that just like any TPE skinned doll anytime the skin gets wet or sticky you should powder with baby powder or corn starch.
      Overall very little maintenance is required.

      Assembly is attaching the head to the body with an easy attach head to body coupler.

      For warranty information see our FAQ.

  2. Richard Lacey says:

    I am seeking a loving companion as well as a sexually hot and available bed partner.
    What is the differences and/or comparative advantages of a Smart Sex Doll versus an AI Sex Robot doll?

  3. Richard Lacey says:

    A lot of women I’ve had sex with and men I’ve spoken to about my interest in buying a smart sex doll or AI robot sex doll are disgusted. They say “ewwww! Gross!”
    What is a useful response to these people?

    • Smart Doll World says:

      Sex dolls especially those with interactive communication capabilities (AI) can meet both companionship and sexual needs in a safe way.

    • Smart Doll World says:

      The AI Robot has mechanics in the mouth to make it move so oral sex on male is not possible. There are no mechanics to perform oral sex on females.
      Our Smart Doll model’s mouth is available for oral sex.

  4. 1984 Orwellian Brave new world says:

    Good day. So… the vagina is removable for cleanliness how about that ass? Also, assuming anal butt pirate fun is possible.. Does the anal hole squeeze similarly to the vagina? Thanks..butt pirate signing off.. At least ’til the butt arrives at my door step. Again, thank you.

    • Smart Doll World says:

      See previous post about using the anus and cleaning. The anus doesn’t squeeze technically but it is very tight so it grips you well like a real anus.

  5. 1984 Orwellian Brave new world says:

    Hello admin..So… the vagina is removable for cleanliness how about that ass? Also, assuming anal butt pirate fun is possible.. Does the anal hole squeeze similarly to the vagina? Thanks..butt pirate signing off.. At least ’til the butt arrives at my door step. Again, thank you.

    • Smart Doll World says:

      The anus is available for sex but there is no insert available. It will be more difficult to clean than a vagina with a removable insert. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of developing mould in the anus unless you properly maintain it which means you need to remove all the moisture each and every time you have anal sex because if you don’t mould will grow over time and then your doll needs to be trashed. It’s possible to minimize the risk of mold growth using various methods like running an aquarium pump for several hours to suck out the moisture but all these procedures are tedious and time consuming. This is why we highly recommend the removable vaginal insert as it is easy to clean and maintain and if your insert ever gets damaged you can just get a new one.

  6. 1984 Orwellian Brave new world says:

    Hello admin.. Ai meets human animalistic uncontrollable part of our brain. Can you give a date when will Ai sex robots move about ones 🏡 home as real as you and I move about our home? In addition, not just move as we do but also move and interact accordingly: sexually with its and say none sexually with my great uncle Smokey the bear or my neighbor Chris Kringle? Thank you sex admin for your time? Good day

    • Smart Doll World says:

      The vagina has a vaginal sensor which responds to penetration with moaning sounds indicating excitement.

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