At the crossroads: would you use a sex doll?

From childhood, boys are brought up to become strong men. In fact, from the choice of toys, they are made to embrace their inner monster – for instance, while girls get to own dolls of Sophia the First, boys get trucks, Iron Man, or Bat Man action figures.

Yet, as the world keeps evolving, with technology achieving things we once thought of as fantasies, men – and not boys – are being groomed to warm up to dolls. Well, bigger dolls called Samantha, not Barbie.

Samantha is a technology creation that merges both features of a doll and a robot to provide sexual pleasure to her male owners. What makes Samantha a hit on the Western scene is that she is not simply plastic or rubber, but is a hyper-realistic sex doll that comes with silicone skin and sensors in her face, hands, breasts, and genitals.

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