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What options exist for robot sex?

When it comes to robot sex, there are three main options that seem to exist. The first option is a very simple robot. I have seen a few of these at technology trade shows. Basically, these are just simple machines that perform one or two different motions. Again, I will leave the specifics to your imagination.

A second option is VR porn. This one can’t truly be classified as robotics, but I am including it in the discussion anyway because like a sex robot, it involves a machine that is being configured to provide sexual stimulation.

VR glasses project a completely immersive environment and allow you to look around in any direction. One or more very lifelike partners are rendered in 3D, but the rendering is done in a way that makes them appear life-size.

The third option is to purchase an advanced self-contained sex robot that does not require an app to use to communicate through. The best AI sex robots will have the following life-like features: interactive communication, learning capability, robotic head with neck, eyes, mouth robotics and is capable of dynamic facial expressions. Plus you want a realistic feeling body that heats to room temperature, sensors that react to your erotic touching and AI technology that can be updated over the internet.

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