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Who Buys Sex Dolls

AI Sex Doll Robots

The community might surprise you – there are those it helps, such as the people who have lost a partner and aren’t ready to move on.

The overwhelming majority of buyers are “just people with a fascination for the human body”, and Matt argues that many are “saner” than those you meet on the street. He understands that some customers are merely after the best sex doll they can get their hands on, but there is often a deeper longing behind an order.

or the past five years Matt has been working for Sinthetics, an LA-based company that makes dolls so realistic it’s hard to believe they are lifeless. These manikins, as he prefers to call them, come with hefty price tags that start at a whopping $5,750 and can reach well in excess of $25,000. But with everything from tan lines and real hair to tattoos, piercings and manicures (all customizable), the level of detail is so outstanding that it’s impossible not to admire them artistically. “I want the dolls to have personalities. The mouth to have the hint of a smile, and the eyes to have a soul in them,” he tells me, quickly adding that no, he doesn’t “play” with them himself.

Couples buy dolls as well as singletons, a trend Matt puts down to desire. “The human is a sexual animal with an appetite,” he says. “Couples find the dolls a safe way to introduce another partner as there are no emotions. It’s sexual exploration without cheating.” Dolls are sometimes introduced as sexual surrogates when one partner is unable to enjoy sex, often for health reasons, but the couple do not want outside lovers.

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Get your affordable sex doll robot at Smart Doll World. Our dolls are available with artificial intelligence (AI) and can interact and talk with you. Our dolls have heads that move, eyes that blink and lips that move to speech. Our dolls are available in many body shapes and are fully customizable.

The Men Committed to Replacing Women With A.I. Sex Dolls

The average cost of a marriage in the US is 26,444 dollars. The average cost of a divorce in the US ranges from 15,000–20,000. Add up miscellaneous expenses and a conservative estimate of a failed marriage begins at 50,000 dollars. [RealDoll CEO] Matt McMullen produces incredibly lifelike dolls from 5,000 to 7,000 dollars that are waaaay hotter than anything you’ll get from “real” women for that price. The doll will never get old and saggy. She’ll never bitch about you to her friends. She’ll never trick you into having kids or go psycho on you. This is our future gentlemen.

McMullen’s RealDolls have steadily evolved over the last 20 years, with version 2.0 including engineering improvements to the skeletal system and an ever-expanding line of faces and bodies to choose from to build your ideal sexual muse. Version 3.0, however, is all about her smarts and brains. In other words, she’s more than just a pretty face — and a few silicone orifices.

First of all, she now has a name: Harmony. And because she’s a creature of AI, she now learns like a human — in addition to looking and feeling like one (kinda). “The robot and the AI has far-reaching potential that goes well beyond what people consider a ‘sex toy,’” McMullen explains. “So many people like to reduce men’s desires to ‘getting off’ and walking away. That’s really not fair to pigeonhole men’s sexuality that way. Men need something of substance that goes beyond that, and I think that’s definitely something that people should consider. A lot of people don’t see beyond Harmony’s boobs and realize there’s actual substance there.”

Get a real sex doll from Smart Doll World at a fraction of the cost of other sex dolls. See for yourself.

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